At Shinih, every employee is the driving force of our success and growth. We are committed to creating a work environment where everyone is heard, respected, and encouraged to reach their full potential.

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Every member of Shinih Enterprise is entitled to joining a boundaryless lifelong education and training mechanism which comprising digital e-learning, on-the-job training and external training subsidy. A continuous learning environment facilitates the growth of colleagues, as well as the formation of an advanced learning organization. To keep pace with the Company’s development, a comprehensive education and training program has been established to train personnel at all levels to live up to their full potential, and develop required knowledge and skills, so as to foster a coordinated and efficient work pattern. These all will gear towards the realization of our overall business goals. Key measures are as follows:
  • Mentorship: To facilitate the inheritance of practical experience.
  • Job role restriction: Only allow the subordinates to take up the job of their supervisors, and not the vice versa.
  • Professional appraisal: Supervisors (Superintendents) and above are required to complete certain management courses related to their fields before promotion.
  • Multi-functions: Encourage employees to switch roles horizontally to develop a pool of multi-functional talents.


A variety of channels for opinion collection is available in Shinih Enterprise. We encourage staff to give their opinions and express their grievances so as to maintain a harmonious relationship between labor and management. We welcome employees to make use of the designated email box to discuss with us issues such as labor relations, compensation and benefits, work-related or occupational safety and health, sexual harassment, etc. Dedicated personnel will be arranged to respond to your questions.

Employee communications email:


Providing a safe and healthy environment for staff is our utmost responsibility.

The company takes “Avoiding Occupational Disasters”, “Enhancement of Occupational Safety and Hygiene”, “Promoting Occupational Safety and Health Management System”, “Creating a Decent Work Environment”, and “Conducting Emergency Response Training” as the primary goals in the implementation of occupational safety and health. The management team will take the lead to observe the “Labour Health and Safety Rules”. Fire drills, emergency escape and evacuation drills are conducted half-yearly to ensure all colleagues pay high attention to safety and health, hoping to create a high standard work environment with zero occupational disaster.

Current employees can enjoy the welfare of annual health check. Personal protective equipment is provided for those engaged in operations that are particularly hazardous to health. Safety and hygiene education and training courses are held every three years (last training was held in December 2019, the next training will be conducted in December 2022). Moreover, new employees must attend safety and hygiene education and training during onboarding to ensure a safe work environment for them.
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