Evolving with the times, non-woven fabrics have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The material is widely applied in medical masks, household vacuum cleaner filter cartridges, automobile air conditioning filters, automobile seat linings, industrial filter buckets and many more. As a leader in the non-woven fabrics industry, Shinih Enterprise is specialized in producing non-woven fabrics for industrial applications such as automobile interior materials, filtration, vibration absorption, flame-retardant material and geotextile.

As a market-leading pioneer, Shinih has been striving for perfection and innovation for decades. Helping our customers succeed and overcome market challenges, we source microfibers, loose fibers, hollow-core fibers, elastic fibers and other materials from world-class manufacturers to develop a wide range of functional insulation products.

Able to meet a variety of specifications for thickness, softness and thermal properties, our product range covers the full spectrum of customers’ needs.



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